Stained Glass Panels

Stained Glass Panels
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Astoria Grand Birdies Window Panel ARGD2287
FeaturesOrientationHorizontalShapeRectangularThemeAnimalsColorGray/Yellow/BlueHardware FinishBronzeP..
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$175.59 $109.07
Astoria Grand Victorian Window Panel ATGD4683
Turn any old window into a decorative display with this eye-catching panel. Showcasing a design remi..
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$202.58 $119.40
Design Toscano Delaney Manor Stained Glass Window TXG4355
FeaturesOrientationVerticalShapeRectangularThemeGeometricColorPurple/Blue/BrownPrimary MaterialOther..
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$214.55 $115.63
Design Toscano Dragonfly Floral Stained Glass Window TXG5175
FeaturesOrientationVerticalShapeRectangularThemeAnimals; FloralColorGreen/Blue/BrownPrimary Material..
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$248.18 $119.14
Astoria Grand Hackmore Window Panel ASTG8539
Traditional and contemporary elements combine to create a timeless look with the stylish design of t..
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$231.50 $118.60
Design Toscano Craftsman Stained Glass Window Panel TXG9358
The art and crafts movement features clean simple designs plucked directly from nature. Keep a sense..
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$237.99 $109.80
Astoria Grand Beley Gathering Birds Window Panel ARGD2284
A festival of birds are featured: Blue jay, songbird, woodpecker, cardinal, finch, tanager, king fis..
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$178.95 $110.59
DEMDACO Bluets Glass Window Panel DEDA1319
Glass window art with chain and ribbon hanger. Art can be viewed from both sides while letting light..
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$173.99 $118.74
Design Toscano Ruskin Rose Flower Stained Glass Window Panel TXG9350
The art and crafts movement, inspired by the writings of John Ruskin who promoted plain language and..
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$188.98 $97.70
Fleur De Lis Living Single Pane Stained Glass Window Panel FDLV3154
The simple beauty and elegance of glass are combined in this window panel! Add shine and a splash of..
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$175.44 $97.38
August Grove Floral Window Panel AGGR2689
FeaturesOrientationHorizontalShapeOvalThemeFloralColorBlue/Green/RedHardware FinishAntique bronzePri..
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$244.90 $113.47
Astoria Grand Charlotte Square Glass Window Panel ASTG7831
Whether your abode is nestled beside a beach or a busy city street, you’re sure to love the view fro..
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$200.91 $112.68
Astoria Grand Weissman Dragonfly Stained Glass Window ARGD2724
FeaturesOrientationHorizontalShapeRectangularThemeAnimalsColorBrown/RedHardware FinishBlackHardware ..
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$182.37 $115.81
Astoria Grand Malloway Roses Window Panel ARGD7039
This beautiful piece contains hand-cut pieces of stained glass, each wrapped in fine copper foil. Th..
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$241.53 $114.88
Design Toscano Titchfield Abbey Demi - Lune Window TXG3934
FeaturesOrientationHorizontalShapeArchThemeFloralColorBeige/Green/BluePrimary MaterialOtherPrimary M..
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$255.00 $107.86